Cat boarding



Your feline friend will love our purpose-built cat house.

Trustworthy cat boarding in Canberra.

Cat boarding, Canberra


When you're looking for cat boarding in Canberra, you want somewhere that loves and understands cats. We think cats are a bit like humans. Sometimes they're highly affectionate and sometimes they're quiet. Sometimes they're predictable and sometimes they're playful. Sometimes they need their own space and sometimes they're friendly and curious.   

We adore them, whatever their personality. 

We built our purpose-built cat house in 2013 in order to provide squeaky clean, secure, warm cat boarding flats in Canberra. We've kept our rates reasonable for you though. Come in and have a look around next time you're in Canberra's northside and you have a few minutes to spare. No need to call in advance; just show up - see our contact page for details. We'll be happy to show you around.      

Squeaky clean apartments

Our cat boarding flats are purpose-built and easy for us to keep squeaky clean every day.

Your cat will have its own spacious two-storey apartment with a sheltered space upstairs for a sleeping igloo away from draughts, and fresh food and water daily.  

Private balconies

Every cat boarding flat at Bendora has a private door to a secure outdoor balcony. Your cat can lie outside in the sun and fresh air without risk of getting into a scrape with another cat. Secure, private spaces is how keep your cat safe and healthy.  


Care and attention

We're all animal lovers at Bendora. We'll give your cat plenty of care and attention. We also have plenty of experience caring for animals and will know when to call Peter in (our owner and retired veterinary surgeon) for a professional opinion is we think something's amiss. 

Simple and easy cat boarding with plenty of extras if your moggy needs a bit more loving.

Makes going away a breeze. 


Cat flats cleaned daily

Whiskas dry food topped up for grazing, and Whiskas wet food at night

Pick up and drop off 8am to 4pm 7 days

Special meal of Dine, Fancy Feast or tuna available

Secure, private cat boarding apartments with balconies

Comfortis flea treatment available

We can administer medications

We'll do our best to administer medications as instructed, but we won't risk our own safety if your cat is uncooperative.

You can provide your own meals if you wish

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