Dog boarding kennels

Dog boarding, Canberra



Canberra dog boarding kennels to put your mind at ease.

We'll take good care of your furry friend.


It's nerve wracking leaving your dog with strangers. We're all pet lovers so we completely understand.

You can rest easy knowing your furry friend is in safe hands with us.  

Fresh air and space

We are big on sunlight and space at Bendora.

Your dog will have plenty of fresh air and clean water, plus a comfy bed and toys to play with. 


A passion for pets

We are all animal lovers at Bendora.

We'll give your pooch plenty of love and attention. We also have plenty of experience caring for animals and will know when to call Peter in (our owner and retired veterinary surgeon) for a professional opinion if we think something's amiss.  

Outdoor exercise

We'll give your dog 10-15 minutes of exercise time in our grassy outdoor runs every day. When it's quiet your dog might spend most of the day in a run. We don't put dogs together to play, unless they come from the same family. During peak periods at Easter and Christmas holidays we'll need to limit exercise time to 10 minutes a day so that everyone gets a turn. 

Simple and easy with plenty of extras if you need them.

Makes going away a breeze.   

Kennels cleaned daily

Daily meal of chicken carcass or wet and dry food. Extra meals available

Pick up and drop off 8am to 4pm 7 days

Special meals of meat or dog rolls available

Comfortis flea treatment available

Professional dog washing service available

We can administer medications

We'll do our best to administer medications as instructed, but we won't risk our own safety if your dog is uncooperative

You can provide your own meals if you wish

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